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Imparting the Blessing 4 CD Album - Audio

Imparting the Blessing 4 CD Album - Audio

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The Imparting the Blessing series is very insightful, revealing biblical foundations for imparting the verbal blessing. God commanded Moses and Aaron to bless His people in this way. You will go through the Old Testament to the New and see God's blueprint for imparting blessing. If you are interested in learning about the verbal blessing, we recommend that you obtain this 4 CD album and keep it in your personal library. You will gain a biblical understanding of the foundational principles of the verbal blessing and see the value of practicing it on a daily basis. Hear Pastor Ligon, William Ligon, Jr. (Attorney & State Senator), and DJ Ligon share their insights. Learn the redemptive power of the blessing, how to break the verbal curse, and hear encouraging testimonies of families that have practiced the verbal blessing.

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