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The One-O-Nine - 9th

The One-O-Nine - 9th

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The One-O-Nine is a wonderful picture book that teaches the 9th Commandment. It is one in a series that teach the 10 Commandments in the sweetest stories you could ever read.

OH BOY!! I hear her coming down the tracks, chugging right along and rolling out a great adventure! It’s the One-O-Nine coming down the line!

Toot Toooooot !!!

In this 9th Commandment story, Bobby Bear learns the truth about telling the truth. God always knows what we say and wants us to tell the truth and not tell lies. Bobby gets himself in trouble and thinks the best thing to do is put the blame on someone else. Uh-Oh! See what happens next in this great, grand adventure called "The One-O-Nine".


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